Rascal again. I will tell you about another friend I met.

I was hiding under the sofa in the TV room. Now evening had come and I was getting very hungry. But I heard Pam doing dishes in the Kitchen, so I was afraid to come out.

Suddenly I heard a scuffle behind me and I nearly jumped out of my skin! Under the sofa with me was a flying squirrel. He said, “Shhh! It’s Okay, it’s just me. My name is Rocky. What’s yours?”

“I’m Rascal. Do you live here with that silly Newty-Bird?” I peeked out again to be sure no one heard us.

“Yes I do,” Rocky said. “Don’t worry, Pam won’t hurt you. She is nice. She gives me food every night.”

“Aren’t you afraid?” I asked. “Newty-Bird got loose and she pecked me!”

Rocky giggled and said, ” Oh, she’s all right when she gets to know you. I sleep all day long in a drawer curled up next to Pam’s hairbrush. And Newty-Bird sleeps all night.”

I thought it strange to sleep all day, but I guess it was right for Rocky. Then Rocky said, “Are you hungry? Watch this!”

I followed him into the kitchen and peeked around the cabinet. He shot across the floor and went under the refrigerator. Right past Pam! He reappeared at the window sill and went right over Pam at the sink! She put grapes on the sill and Rocky sat there, eating the grapes while she did dishes. Wow! He was very brave. When he finished, he caught a grape in his mouth, ran across the sill, and back down to the floor. Then he raced across the floor to me.

“Here,” he said. “This is for you. There is dog kibble in the pantry, you might like that.”

I was busy eating my grape when I had a thought. My mommy would be very worried about me now! So I asked Rocky if I could get out of Pam’s house to check in with Mommy. He showed me a tunnel of dirt in the basement that led to a hole outside, so I went home. . . .