Each Pam the Kindersinger program will have children up dancing, singing, and involved in every way! Live on stage and on Zoom. And on demand video streaming coming soon!

Puppets will join Pam- much to the delight of children and adults! Pam is a talented singer, songwriter, and ventriloquist. Each program is infused with comedy and energy.

Programs are tailored for Pre-K through 3’rd grades, Infant/Toddler, and Special Needs. These fun and exciting programs are ideal bookings for special events of all sorts at: schools, festivals, malls, museums, libraries, parties, corporate events, churches,synagogues, hospital pediatric wings, and parties.

Live Program Information

New Kids’ Programs- Perfect for virtual online sessions!

Fun with Pam 
Fun and funny. Interactive songs, storytelling, and puppetry!

*** Check back often for more new program synopses here. ***

Pam’s Most Popular Kids’ Shows

Fun with Pam and Rascal
Interactive fun with original and familiar songs, dancing, and puppetry with ventriloquism. The children are up and down, laughing at singing, a delight for adults too.

Celebrate the Seasons

Interactive fun with original and familiar songs, dancing, puppetry with ventriloquism, while emphasizing the current season: Icicle Ball, Spring Is Sprung, Sizzlin’ Summer Fun and Fall Into Autumn.

Holiday Happenings
A wide variety of holidays are celebrated including a Gentle Halloween/ Pumpkin Watch, Christmas or Jingle Jamboree, Hanukkah, Easter and Happy Birthday America. Features music, humor, puppetry with ventriloquism, and lots of audience participation.

Get Up and Glow
Interactive program makes it fun to eat healthy, exercise, and practice good hygiene. Original songs include: Food Group Boogie, Snack Jungle, You Are What You Eat, Toothbrush Tune, Cough & Sneeze, and many more!

Precious Bundles/ Two-ney Tunes

These thirty five-minute programs with an adult are geared for:

(1) babies 6 to 18 months and (2) toddlers 18 to 36 months. They combine songs, classic games, and puppetry to delight little ones and encourage interaction with their adult.

Go Green with Pam and Rascal

Kick start or highlight your school’s environmental awareness with this interactive and fun (green) show. It addresses recycling, renewable energy, habitats, gardening, and caring for our Earth.

Let’s All Get Along

Conflict resolution plus manners or character and values, you choose the theme or mix them up. Pam and Rascal address issues like bullying, arguing and fighting, friendship, working together… yes, and much more!

Pam’s Pro Tips Workshops

Adult Workshops
A great meeting for your daycare organization! Available workshop themes include Daycare Hints for Fun and Learning & Puppetry 101.

Pricing Information:

*Live Online Virtual Shows- please inquire

*Single Show- at your facility or venue $300.00

*Back-to-Back Shows- at your facility or venue $450.00

*Travel Expenses (where applicable)

*Artist in Education Funds Available