Watch Pam the Kindersinger’s YouTube videos:

Cooped Up Crazies – NEW SONG Spring 2020

Great song considering the recent change in all our lives. Enjoy. Written and performed by Pam the Kindersinger. Featuring her family including her horse friends and dog Gatsby.

My Space Your Space – NEW Spring 2020

Song about social distancing – performed in “ZoomAroom We’re Apart Not Together But It’s Not Forever”.

Snookie The Snake

Children’s song Snookie the Snake written and performed by ventriloquist Pam the Kindersinger.

Little Old Me

Original song by Pam the Kindersinger celebrating individuality. Performed live with interactive audience at Festival of Trees.

Wiggle Wiggle

Pam the Kindersinger performing live with kids at Swan Fest.

Just Ducky

Fun children’s song about ducks written by Pam the Kindersinger.


On TV for 9 years as a children’s entertainer, with a show winning 3 Emmy’s, you can now watch Pam the Kindersinger on demand.